What is audiology?

Audiology is the field of healthcare that focuses on the study, diagnosis and treatment of hearing and communication disorders related to the auditory system. Audiologists are trained and regulated experts who work to prevent, diagnose and manage various hearing and balance issues.

Hearing health is hugely important for general well-being, communication and social engagement, cognitive function and in the reduction of risk of emotional distress and depression. In children it is also crucial for language, social development and progress in school. Hearing loss is a complex disability which isolates you from what is occurring around you. There are underlying health issues that can be attributed to the deterioration of hearing such as diabetes, noise exposure, smoking and vascular issues. Audiologists play a pivotal role in the early identification of hearing issues, recommending appropriate interventions and guiding patients towards better hearing health. 

Audiology services at Castle Clinic 

We offer the following Audiology services at Castle Clinic:

Ear wax removal  – for the safe removal of debris and wax build up to help with hearing issues, recurrent infections and for general comfort. Click here for more information about ear wax removal.

Hearing assessments – in cases where ear wax is not the cause of hearing impairment, we can investigate further, using top of the range diagnostic equipment to perform hearing tests to assess the extent of your hearing loss and to gently, carefully and comprehensively test the physical health of your outer, middle, and inner ear. 

Paediatric hearing health assessments – The importance of good hearing during childhood is key to language and social development as well as progress at school. Most permanent hearing loss that is present when babies are born is detected with the new-born hearing screening programme. There are however, a high proportion of children who develop intermittent, often fluctuating hearing loss, often known as ‘glue ear’. This can usually be detected with a children’s hearing test and examination.

Hearing aid dispensing – with hearing loss, it can mean the need for hearing aids and other assistive devices. At Castle Clinic we can help advise you on the proper selection, fitting and maintenance of these devices. 

Tinnitus management – tinnitus, often described as “ringing in the ears”, is often distressing. Our audiologist can help with the diagnosis of this condition and offers therapies and coping strategies to alleviate the impact of tinnitus on daily life. 

Counselling and education – our audiologist provides counselling and education to patients and their families about hearing health, communication strategies and hearing protection to help prevent further hearing loss.

Onward referral – Sometimes a problem with your hearing doesn’t just involve your ears. We work with an experienced Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and we can refer you directly to them privately or via your GP through the NHS. 

Do you want to enjoy a life enriched by sound? Then book an appointment online here, or call reception on 01423 797800. If you have concerns or are unsure what your needs may require, please feel free to contact our clinic to request a call back from our our audiologist, who would be happy to discuss your issue in greater detail. For more information about our audiologist, click here.