Zanib Iqbal

Zanib Iqbal

Zanib is our registered Clinical Senior Audiologist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Audiology) degree with honours from the University of Leeds in 2013. Her time at university also saw her recognised for her academic work with an AIM award. She is a registered Clinical Physiologist with the Academy for Healthcare Science and an Audiologist for the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Zanib has acquired a broad range of expertise with experiences working in both the public and private health sectors. Her experience includes working for the Dewsbury District Trust, working as a UKAS assessor for the NHS audiology services and working alongside many GPs and ENT consultants. She has also undertaken training with the Ida Institute for person centred care.

She specialises in earwax removal via micro-suction, adult diagnostics hearing health checks and the management of tinnitus.

Zanib is passionate about helping people regain their confidence in their hearing. She works hard to build rapport with her patients so that she can establish realistic goals for their
hearing rehabilitation.

Please read our Audiology and Earwax removal pages to learn more about the services Zanib offers. If you would like to book an appointment with Zanib, you can do so here or call on 01423 787800.

HCPC Registration Number: HD02800.