Luxury scented candles – made with earwax

Our clinic’s audiologist, Zanib Iqbal has introduced an innovative twist to the candle industry, using a novel ingredient that is both sustainable and aromatic: earwax. For years Zanib has been removing earwax from patients with blocked ears using micro-suction technology, the gold standard practice according to NICE guidelines. But instead of disposing of the removed earwax, she saw potential in repurposing it into something useful and environmentally friendly.

“After years of discarding up to 500g of earwax after a day in clinic, I started to think of ways of utilising the earwax in different ways. My first thought was wax crayons as my daughter uses them a lot. But I love scented candles, and with the high price of quality scented candles I thought I could make them more affordable”.

Zanib ensures that the earwax she used in her candles is sanitised and processed to meet safety standards. She then combines it with locally sourced, organic beeswax and essential oils to produce a range of unique scents from soothing lavender to invigorating pomegranate. So far, the best seller is lime, basil and mandarin.

These candles not only offer a luxurious aroma, but also a cheaper and sustainable alternative to traditional candles, retailing at £8 per candle.

Our customers have praised the candles for their long-lasting burn and subtle, natural scents.

“I was initially skeptical about the idea” admitted Margaret Bolt, a regular customer. But after trying one Zanib’s candles I was pleasantly surprised. They smell amazing and only cost £8.”

If you would like to purchase a candle, or if you are having hearing issues and would like to book an audiology appointment with Zanib, contact Castle Clinic at or on 01423 797800.

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