Allergy Testing

At Castle Clinic, our Health Kinesiologist offers a non-invasive approach to allergy testing that requires no skin pricks or needles. In Health Kinesiology’s allergy testing approach, energy patterns are at the forefront. The methodology is grounded in the belief that all substances emit unique energy frequencies that interact with the body’s own energy systems. By introducing the energy pattern of allergens through glass vials, practitioners can evaluate how your body responds without any direct contact, minimising the risk of adverse reactions. 

The Testing Process: 

  1. Initial Assessment: The process begins with an in-depth consultation where you discuss your symptoms, medical history, and potential allergens that may be affecting you. This information provides the practitioner with crucial insights into your specific situation. 
  2. Energy Pattern Vials: To initiate the testing process, the practitioner uses glass vials that contain the energy patterns of various allergens. These vials act as proxies for the actual substances, allowing the practitioner to interact with your body’s energy systems indirectly. 
  3. Muscle Response Evaluation: With you seated or lying down, the practitioner introduces specific energy pattern vials just below the navel, at an acupoint which can best read the energy pattern. By monitoring your body’s muscular responses, the practitioner can determine whether an energetic imbalance is present in response to a particular vial. 
  4. Identifying Energetic Imbalances: If your body’s energy systems detect an incompatibility with a specific energy pattern, the corresponding muscle may display temporary weakness. This weakness signifies an energetic imbalance associated with the introduced allergen’s energy pattern. 
  5. Assessment: Through a methodical series of energy pattern vial introductions and muscular response observations, the practitioner compiles a list of potential allergens that resonate with your body’s energy systems. 
  6. Individualised Treatment: With the identified allergens in mind, the practitioner can recommend tailored techniques to restore energetic harmony. These techniques may include acupressure, meridian work, or other Health Kinesiology modalities, aiming to alleviate sensitivities and improve your overall well-being.

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