Nia Marie May

Nia Marie May

Since graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 2015, Nia has practised in the UK and Australia in a variety of clinics and has now returned to Yorkshire.  She has experience in several areas including women’s health, chronic pain, and injury management.

Nia is passionate about helping you to overcome pain, recover movement and function, and understand the cause of the issues that has brought you to treatment.  She offers inclusive and sensitive care and aims to work alongside your other health care providers to empower you during the management of your condition.  

Nia’s approach includes a variety of manual therapy techniques, self-management approaches, education, and exercise prescription to promote lasting recovery.  She has completed several post-graduate courses, including care through pregnancy and in the post-natal period, and uses a gentle evidence-based approach to help you.  She is trained in comprehensive APPI Pilates including mat work and studio equipment.

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GOsC Registration Number: 9086.