Lauren Payen

Lauren Payen

Lauren graduated with a Master of Osteopathy degree with Distinction from the British School of Osteopathy in 2018. Since graduating, she has furthered her education by studying medical acupuncture and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Equine and Canine Osteopathy.

Lauren’s approach varies from patient to patient as she draws from a range of osteopathic techniques, she may use acupuncture and sports massage. Lauren is also keen on education and physical rehabilitation; working with patients to form an injury or condition management plan that suits the individual’s needs, abilities and day-to-day commitments. She finds this equips patients for long term self-care.

Away from clinic, Lauren enjoys horse riding and kung fu. Both these hobbies have led her to osteopaths in the past, sparking her interest in the profession in the first place. Otherwise, she tries to keep up with her whippet on long walks and can spend hours potting and re-potting things in her garden.

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