Jonathan Rebanks

Jonathan Rebanks

Jonathan has worked within physiotherapy for over 20 years. Following on from graduating from York St John University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy with honours, he started his career working in the NHS, where he gained experience in a variety of specialised rehabilitation treatments.

After moving into private practice in 2007, Jonathan has focussed his practice on the musculoskeletal and biomechanical treatments for a wide range of conditions, injuries and physical constraints. Jonathan has a keen interest in his continued professional development and research into human movement systems and incorporates the latest learnings into treatment programmes wherever possible.

Jonathan believes a significant number of injuries or physical impairments, away from traumatic injury, are a result of misaligned and/or sustained positions of rest or poor movement systems. Through a detailed individual assessment and examination, Jonathan aims to identify these issues, to determine the “why” behind the dysfunctions and how these can be corrected. He uses hands-on treatment, taping and a tailored rehabilitation program to improve the alignment of the body and the control of the body’s movement systems to rehabilitate his clients.

When it comes to sports performance and rehabilitation, Jonathan treats all levels of sports people across all sports, but specialises in the bio-mechanical and movement system requirements for the golf swing; using movement improvements to optimise clients swing potential. To read more click here or to find out more about physiotherapy, click here.

HCPC Registration Number: PH80869.