Alyson Parvin Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)



" CBT is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle. CBT aims to help you deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts. shown how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel. CBT deals with your current problems, rather than focusing on issues from your past. It looks for practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis (NHS Choices 2017).

I can help with Depression**, Generalised Anxiety, Panic, Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem and assertiveness.

The number of CBT sessions you need depends on the difficulty you are experiencing and will be between 5 and 20 weekly sessions lasting 60 mins each.

Working together, we will discuss your specific difficulties and set personal goals for you to achieve. CBT is not a quick fix, it is an interactive and at times personally challenging therapy identifying your problems then working on a plan to how to fix them/reduce their impact " . Please contact me via Castle Clinic or via,uk or mobile 07437 617980 

Some client comments

“ With all my heart I thank you for the invaluable support you have given me over these five weeks that I had the privilege to know you, and thank you for my time in therapy. I felt listened to and my therapist took the time to care for what my needs and concerns were.  The practical advice I was given is always very helpful and has given me skills I can use on a daily basis.  I looked forward to my sessions as I felt that I had someone who is battling my anxiety with me instead of making me feel like I am the problem.  I think my therapist is amazing and is an asset to her profession”  and “A big thank you for all your time, effort and for listening.  You have shown me great kindness and empathy.  Thank you again” from a service user.

“To Alyson . Thank you for all your help, advice and guidance. Everything you have taught me has been and will be beneficial throughout my life. I truly appreciate the time you have spent helping me” “I've been blessed with an amazing therapist; you've been my guardian angel. A professional partnership I'll remember and cherish. Thank you so much for making me me again” (f, teacher, 40's)

“A big thank you for all your time, effort and for listening. You have shown me great kindness and empathy. Thank you again”. (M 50's engineer) “

Just a little note to say thank you for all your help and support helping me see the light at the end of my dark tunnel. I will keep working hard and will always remember our chats and start to make the most of my life” ( f, 50's , long-term physical ill-health )

“When I came to see someone I was afraid that I would be assessed and have to go to hospital for treatment. But I felt safe once I met my [therapist] I cannot praise her enough. I gradually felt I had got my life back. My [therapist] is a very special lady” (f, 60's, homemaker)

“My [therapist] was very supportive and professional. She talks in a manner that makes you feel comfortable to open up from the first session. This is the best [therapist] I have had. Very friendly and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure to work with her” (f, 20's, artist)

** Severe Depression/any self-harm or suicidal thoughts/behaviours it is recommended that you seek support offered via your GP as they will have access to a multi-disciplinary team should you feel you are in crisis and can be better managed as a team of professionals rather than a sole therapist. Please make a note of your GP contact/out of hours contact and seek their advice/support in any crisis or emergency - if you feel at any imminent risk to yourself or others please contact 999 or see your A&E department. The Samaritans are also available 24/7 365 days per year on National helpline 116 123 (free call) or Harrogate & District 01423 525352 (payable). NHS Direct on 111.


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